ITB Tömítéstechnikai Kft.

1117 Budapest, Budafoki út 60. Phone: (36)-1-382-7900

The company’s history

ITB Tömítéstechnikai Kft. as in its current form was established in 1992 to sell sealing technological products. In the spirit of our business philosophy, we have assumed to represent, and to distribute the products of, outstanding seal manufacturers in their specialist areas, making users aware of, and familiar with, what professional experiences, laboratories and application technicians these manufacturers deploy to develop and produce a given product.
In addition to selling sealing technological products, our business operations have been continuously expanded and extended which made our company a key supplier of high quality valves in the Hungarian market. With the intent to further broaden our product range, we began distributing control valves and in-field instruments.
As a significant pillar of our sealing technological operations, we produce ready-made flange gaskets cut out of high quality raw materials, using our continuously developed fleet of equipment and machines.
Instant availability of our products is assured by quite high stock levels in our central warehouse as well as by our flexible consignment stocks held at our user partners’ sites.

From the perspectives of the number of its employees and of its price revenues, our company today is a major supplier of constituents to the Hungarian technological industry. Our end user partners include MOL Plc., Borsodchem Zrt., all the domestic pharmaceutical companies, the MVM Paks Nuclear Power Station Zrt. and Mátra Power Station Zrt.

ITB Tömítéstechnikai Kft runs an ISO 9001:2008 certified quality assurance system audited by TÜV.

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